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Phone numbers corrupted

While the bug which caused phone numbers to be corrupted whenever a profile was edited has been fixed, they have not fixed all of the corrupted phone numbers.

Is the expectation that volunteers should waste time going in and uncorrupting all of their records?

Or is the dev team going to fix this for everyone in the database?

I just need to know if I need to track down and fix all of the corrupted records myself.

I am assuming if the phone number is correct in the my.Scouting profile it will migrate out to Scouting application servers.

North American Numbering Plan (NANP) v.s. non-NANP formatting may be an issue of keeping a program related data table up to date.

I do not know if BSA has uncorrupted profile data for the affected people in the my.Scouting Tools profile database, or not.

The “bad” phone numbers should have appeared correct after the fix was released. My number changed in our test system but now I see my number in prod did not. I’ll alert the developers.

It doesn’t look like they were corrected after the fix for my Troop. The only ones that look right now are the ones I manually did.

The developers are aware and are working on a fix.


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