Changing a phone number in Scoutbook

I posted this on 11/4 “Our Council has several merit badge counselors (only registration) whose Scoutbook email address and/or phone number don’t match what is in their profile. We have forced a sync with Scoutbook and the incorrect email address and/or phone number in Scoutbook tends to remain incorrect. When we tell the individual they need to go into Scoutbook and change the information in their profile there, they get a message that they don’t have access to internet advancement and therefore can’t access their profile. We are currently trying to change an email address and phone number for a counselor and can’t change the phone number. The number in Scoubook is not the number in (nor has it ever been in and we simply can’t change the number. We finally got the email address corrected, but not the phone number. It would be good if individuals could access their Scoutbook profiles for changes.” Several SUAC members replied with various suggestions of which none worked. Jennifer Olinger said a week later that she had requested a sync although we had already forced a sync and was able to fix the email address. 3 weeks later, phone number for BSA ID is 13865309 is still incorrect. What does it take to have the Scoutbook phone number match the number?

This sounds more like an issue the council needs to send in a membercare ticket for - not for the user but for the system - we cannot see phone numbers so we would never know if it was fixed

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@DavidAstle I did go to and changed my phone number there and it immediately changed in Scoutbook

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