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What is intent of attaching requirements to den meeting events?

I’m a Tiger Den Leader working through his first year. I try to embrace Scoutbook as much as I can; setting up our den meeting calendar, taking attendance, incorporating requirements into the den meeting events (newly discovered on my end), and of course tracking advancements of my scouts.

I’m wondering if there is a purpose beyond notification to the Akelas of attaching adventure requirements to den meeting events? I thought that once attendance was taken, perhaps those covered requirements might be updated as a group (or opportunity presented)? Am I missing something?

Chuck Crannell

Hi, @KennethCrannell,

You are correct. The planned advancement feature is not linked to the attendance function, nor to advancement records in general. There are several explanations of why, if you’re interested enough to search for them.

What worked well for me was using the Quick Entry tool under My Dashboard -> My Units to mark everything that my scouts accomplished at a meeting as Complete and Leader Approved.

There’s more info about advancement tracking in the Scoutbook help wiki:


Are you using the Den Leader Experience in Scoutbook (a progressive web app), or are you going straight to Scoutbook.com?

I am not using the beta website.

I appreciate the replies. I’ll continue to search to see how to more effectively use that function.


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