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Two accounts need merging - council tried and failed to merge

I have heard that other people were able to fix their accounts by posting here.
My original account as a parent
Member id 13152074
YPT was done on this account on 11/05/2020
My connections: 2 children
My units: Pack or Troop of each child

New account created when I started den leader position instead of adding to original account.
Member ID: 133733729
My positions: Den leader
My training: YPT Status: Active
My connections: 4 den members
My units: Pack of assigned den

@ChristopherJansen mac.com or me.com?

Both are active but I use xxxxxxxxxx@mac.com

@ChristopherJansen This should be fixed for you now.

I am also trying to merge 2 accounts and council has been unable to resolve this. was registered on beascout as #14006857 but never got synched to our pack. Council registrar now says he is #13983956 under which he does apper on our roster in my.scouting. I need him synched in ScoutBook and am doing our recharter now. Registrar told me to delete him under 14006857 from Scoutbook…then he would not appear at all. He registered 19 October and any help would be appreciated. Dan CR/CC #3554580 THX !!!

@GuyMontjoy I am looking in to this.

This is solved @GuyMontjoy @JenniferOlinger

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Hello, I have the same issue with two accounts: One as a parent and one as a leader. I have completed my YPT in September under Member ID12615767, and am advised that I have another ID as 136631213.
Can you help me merge the accounts?

I have at least two accounts that need merged. When I login to my.scouting.org my ID is 129776869. I have another member id 136080221 that is tied to my troop with key 3 delegation but I cannot access the key 3 tools. There is also another “John Taylor 13078543” listed as the parent for my son which is incorrect. I’ve tried with my local council to get this fixed without success.

Please help! I am running out of time to get our recharter done.

@MldredMatos-Molina yours are fixed

@JohnTaylor10 yours are fixed - I do not see the extra father though

Thank you for that. This means that my YPT is now valid for rechartering? (No need to retake)

@MldredMatos-Molina log into Scoutbook or my.scouting and all training SHOULD merge

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We’re getting closer. When I login to my.scouting.org, I am now member id 136080221. I see my position in the troop and my key 3 delegate stuff. Something is still a little amiss. In scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile.dashboard - when I click “My Account” the email address there is not me but rather jtaylor8012@gmaildotcom. I tried to correct the email but I get a message that another account exists for the email. I was able to change the home address from somewhere in Huntsville to my current address on the Edit Profile page. I still think somewhere there is a John Taylor in Hunstville who is linked to my member id.

@JohnTaylor10 the email is fixed - it is just too common of a name and I guess it confused system or a registrar - it is cleaned up now

Excellent. Many thanks!

Can you please merge these two? She just registered as an adult but had an account under her son. She used the same email addresses.

14048368 and 13086783

Thank you

@AnnHyduchak merged - she needs to use her my.scouting credentials to log in - username : ms.(firstname).(lastname)

Thanks. I’ll let her know!

Thank you Jennifer. I logged into my account and saw the information I expected to see and my training was correct.

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