POR reporting across District/Council?

Hi! Our OA Lodge seems to be hitting a wall when it comes to identifying OA Unit Representatives. I can clearly see the Scouts who hold the role in my units, but there doesnt seem to be a way in SB / IA / my.scouting to generate a report on all Scouts/Venturers across the District or Council who hold the POR. Any ideas?

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@PatrickMannion - scoutbook and IA are unit tools. You may want to see what council can come up with or what may be in LodgeMaster


In addition to what Stephen said, you are assuming all units put POR including OA Unit Rep into Scoutbook. This is a bad assumption.

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@PatrickMannion - think of the Odd Couple episode with assume…

I also would not want contact information of youth in my unit exposed outside of the unit.

OA unit rep contact information should be obtained from unit leaders so the leaders and parents can determine if it should be released.

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Council is hitting a brick wall as the OA Unit Rep PoR isn’t making its way from SB to my.scouting the way other PoRs are.

Lodgemaster is not connected to any of the other tools, so getting a Scout with the PoR in there is a manual action by the Scout - which (as you can imagine) is incredibly hit-or-miss.

Noted and agreed, just trying to find a path forward - any data is better than none.

This is a Roundtable issue that can be resolved with communication there - PORs are given and approved by the units - if a unit gives OA Rep but does not require meetings that is a unit decision

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The reporting conversation started at RT.

I don’t think any scout positions flow back to my.scouting.

I think OA Unit Rep can be id’d in Lodgemaster iirc, so it would be for the chapter to talk with the units and update it there.

You can tag an arrowman as an OA Unit Rep in LodgeMaster. However, as was noted above, it’s a manual process. I have found that it requires more-or-less constant updating as units aren’t necessarily on the same PoR transition schedules.

For our chapter, we’ve asked unit leaders to identify their OA Rep (or let us know they don’t have one), but we often just get crickets. Realistically, only a BSA ID would be needed, since LM now uses BSA ID as the unique identifier. Parents/units already provide youth PII as part of the LM database registration process, and who has access to the DB is limited, so it doesn’t seem like there’s as significant a PII exposure risk as I think has been implied. It’s really just adding the PoR data (in theory). That said, I don’t see an easy way to automate it, even if every unit did use SB to track PoR.

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Great point. It would be constant.

As the Lodge level Lodgemaster administrator, I know we have the same issue of keeping an updated list of OA UR positions, and I’m not exactly sure how many units in our council even have the position filled. Our list is chronically les than 10% of the units. I know this update has been requested through the user group to download the position of responsibility from Scoutbook, but hasn’t risen to the top of the pile to get implemented.

Giving Chapter level access in Lodgemaster to update the Unit rep positions may be the current work around, as they may have better intel on the subject.

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