Position Manager roles definitions

Where is there more information about each roles that can be added/updated in Position Manager? I understand a little about COR and COR delegate. But what specific permissions are applied to CC and CM? Also what permissions are given to say a Den Leader or Committee Member under Functional Roles?

Is there a grid which describes the role and what’s it’s privilege’s are in the my.scouting.org tools?

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There is information about permissions and roles at:


I think the information you are looking for can be found at the link below, on page 17 of this document, listed under ROLE TO FUNCTIONALITY MATRICES:
It is quite hard to read however due to the tiny print.
I hope this helps.

Thank you @RickPoplin, that matrix is what I was looking for and very helpful. One last question, den leaders are in the matrix but don’t have any permissions. I believe that roles like den leader are simply in the my.scouting.org Position Manager so they are synchronized with Scoutbook and don’t seem to serve any other purpose in the Position Manager. Is that true?

Obviously in Scoutbook the den leader should have admin over of the scouts in the den to enter requirements.

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Den Leader is a registered position. Since position manager can be used to change registered position, Den Leader is included.

The matrix in that link was updated in February 2019 about the time when, what would eventually become, Position Manager was conceived. I was told the chart would be a “work in progress”, changing over time. There has already been a minor change or two since its creation, I’ve been told. To my knowledge, the chart has not been publically updated since 2019.
Maybe some future tools we have not seen may someday be made available to Den Leaders.

“Den Manager” anyone?
And what permissions or functionality would they need???

True, Position Manager has the capability to change both “functional roles” as well as “registered positions”. Adult registered positions can only be changed by the COR (or COR delegate). To everyone else, the “registered positions” tab, in Position Manager, is read-only.

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