Adult position changes

I was checking out what new permissions my Key 3 Delegate my.scouting status gives me and was surprised to see the incorrect Registered Roles we have listed.
I know we need to get approval for a new Cubmaster or Committee Chair, but are we really supposed to be filling out a whole new application, getting it signed off by the COR, and delivering it to Council every time a leader goes from leading a Lion den to a Tiger den or from Tiger to Wolves? Or Bear to Webelos?

The COR can change those positions in Positions Manager

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As @DonovanMcNeil noted, it can be done in Position Manager by the COR…but yes, in principle there is supposed to be a change of registration when a DL moves from one position to another (at least at the moment). Hopefully, the BSA simplifies that registration issue in the future so that there are only Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders, instead of separate position title for various den levels.

It is super easy in the position manager. Once logged in, it takes about 5 seconds.

Yeah, but it relies on your COR/COR-delegate being sufficiently computer literate to do it, or to have someone who is standing over them while they do it. :⁠^⁠)

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So, sounds like best practices in the future might be to figure out our full slate of intended returning leaders for the next year, then make an appointment with our COR to set up all the new roles at once.

To be clear, of this is only changing at recharter, I believe the changes can be made as part of the rechartering process, rather than requiring a second step. I might be wrong about that, though.

COR or COR delegate can rearrange positions at any time for any leader already registered with their unit.

Only complications are

  1. Don’t do it after submitting recharter paperwork, but before it’s posted. Recharter overwrites when it posts.
  2. Can’t transfer adults between units with the same Chartered Organization.
  3. Can’t remove or replace the COR.
  4. Doing multiple changes for the same person within the same month or same day might have issues.

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