Position Manager / Updating Positions

How do I update the required positions in the position manager. An adult member of our pack is no longer the Cubmaster, but I cannot change this. Another adult member in the pack has taken on that role, and we’ve updated it with council by processing another adult application. Do I go to council to have them update our required positions? If so, why didn’t they do this when they processed the application?

Thanks for the help

Are you the chartered org rep? Only they or a COR delegate can change registered positions mid year.

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…or the council registrar can make the change in their system based on submittal of an adult application, which (eventually) propagates out to my.scouting and (I think) Scoutbook/IA2.

ETA: Are you sure that the council has already processed the new adult application you mentioned in your post, @JohnWildes? If so, then the new CM should be showing up in my.scouting as CM. If they aren’t in my.scouting yet, then council probably hasn’t finished processing the application and it should propagate after that happens.

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As Jacob and Charley said, the Chartered Org. Rep. (and the COR Delegate) are the only ones who can change registered positions using the Position Manager.

However, you said this person submitted a paper application. Was the Cubmaster position on it? The council can update the registered position. Depending on how long ago the paper application was submitted, you can contact your council and ask about the status.


Thanks Jennifer, Charley, and Jacob, the Cubmaster position was on the application. I am not the COR or Delegate, I am the Committee Chair. Our COR is pretty hands off and I think the Delegate was the last Cubmaster. I’ll reach out to them to see if we can get this stuff changed.

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