All links and positions missing

Logged in tonight to run a PO and advancement report for my troops. All of my links to my own kids, and all three of my units are missing. I’m an advancement chair for two troops and a cubmaster. My profile shows zero positions, and all of my previous profile information is now gone. I have a COH tomorrow for the troops and now cannot purchase anything because I cannot generate the required advancement report.

  1. Are you logging in to Scoutbook using SSO? Or or you logging in using your e-mail address?
  2. When you go to My Positions, what do you see?

SSO, same login I always use, and that worked on Thursday before I went to Powder Horn.
My Positions is blank, and shows 0 days tenure. Troop leaders verify that I’m still linked to the troop positions and my kids from their end.

@RandallFarmer - would you be able to post screen shots of the pages you are seeing?

Other leaders verify I’m still showing up as a leader from their perspective

@RandallFarmer - could you try something . Click on the admin role, then check the agree box then click update then do the same for the Advancement chair. Then let me know if there is any change. Also what does my connections page look like.

If you (or any of the Troop Admins) are able to access the Troop Roster page:

  1. Click on your name
  2. Click on your Troop Admin role
  3. Click Update

This should reset your Troop Admin role and connections to all Scouts in the unit.

That last screenshot is from another leader, logged in as them. I have no access to those roles currently, and they’re all in bed at this point. If I’m unable to print the advancement reports before I go to work in the AM, I may have to cancel the COH… :frowning:

Done by another admin, no change

Sounds like you have a duplicate account somehow. Send an email to Include your name, email address, and bsa member number.

OK, I suspect you have a duplicate account somehow. Please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support and explain what is happening.

Please include your unit number, and council name.

Can you get another Troop Admin to print out the Advancement Report and e-mail it to you?

@RandallFarmer - what do out see when you log into ? As has been noted this is really looking like you have duplicate accounts or the profile you are logged into is has a different ID not listed by a unit.

Yeah - I would check - if all still looks right - try using the Switch SSO under profile in Scoutbook even if you are entering the same credentials with the same login works ok and shows my BSA ID. Scoutbook has the same ID listed.


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