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Positions and Roles

It appears that on January 6 2019, most of our Cub Scout leader’s position(s) was terminated in our Pack (except Admin Roles), and a new identical position/role was created. I can see in the notes this was by the AkelaSBDeltaSync.

So this raises a few questions:

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. If I go through and reopen the old positions and delete the newly created ones, will this cause any problems in Scoutbook?
  3. If I do #2, will it occur again with the next sync?

It was done by Member Update when it processed the recharters. We have requested it not happen for the 2020 recharters.

There is no danger to removing the “new” position and remove the end date from the “old” position.

It isn’t supposed to but until we test recharter for 2020 we won’t know for sure.

Thanks Ed - this can be closed. (or can I close it myself?)