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Removing Adult Leader Positions

Notes: I have Pack Admin permissions, and formerly had Key 3 Delegate. My K3D expired and needs to be redesignated.

I logged in this morning to check on a Scout (their parent couldn’t see them). In the process, I discovered that our charter had been renewed, and a few leaders had been registered incorrectly. We have a few Den Leaders that were registered as Tiger Den Leaders. I seem to recall that I used to be able to remove a position from someone (and it would prompt me to confirm it). Now, it seems that I can only change the end dates. Is this capability gone, or is it something that was associated with my Key 3 Delegate role?

On a side note, I noticed that when I ended the Tiger Den Leader position for one leader, despite being listed as a Den Leader, he lost his “Trained” status. Does “Trained” only apply to the position on the official roster?

This was a recent change. There was some discussion here:

I believe it pulls that status from my.scouting, which relies on the official registration status.


There was a change released last week that removes the ability to delete adult leader positions or Scout memberships. Changes to Scoutbook are announced in the Change Log category of these forums. We recommend subscribing to the change log.

Make sure the leader has a default position selected. On the positions page, look for image . This is the indication of the default position. If it is incorrect or missing, click on the desired default position and turn the slider on. If the leader is not registered in that position, the trained strip may not appear, even if the leader is trained for it.

@CharleyHamilton @edavignon

Thank you for the info. I’m pretty sure that I’m subscribed to the change log, but I’ll go and check. If I am, I must have missed one.

There was another leader who had somehow ended up with the change log thread “muted”, and could neither see it in her dashboard nor was she getting the email notifications. I think she had to get someone from support or SUAC to “fix” it for her. @edavignon probably remembers, since I think he was the one who diagnosed the issue.

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