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Why was the ability to remove an adult leadership position removed?

There is now no way to remove an adult leadership position. What if someone was accidentally assigned to a leadership position by mistake? When I first started using Scoutbook, I liked it, but that’s no longer true. There have been many changes made that make it close to useless to use. I am not happy, the only change that has been beneficial is at least it’s free now, if I had to pay for this, I would be very upset.

The ability to delete leadership positions and memberships was removed from Scoutbook because deleting these items was causing issues with other BSA systems, especially when someone deleted a real position instead of ending it. If you enter a leadership position by mistake, just set the end date to be the same as the start date and Scoutbook will indicate the person was in the position for 0 days.

I can’t speak to the why, but what I’ve done when I had to remove an accidental position is to include a note to the position indicating that it was created in error, and set the end date the same as the start date.

I’m sorry, but that’s really lame, it leaves a record of someone serving in a position that they have never actually served in. I guess I shouldn’t care because except for what’s actually required for advancement, I think I’m going to transition away from using Scoutbook, there’s too many kluges that make no logical sense, and it’s no longer a viable solution. Troopmaster is a far better solution.


The tradeoff was to prevent deletions or only allow official registered positions to be recorded in Scoutbook. Due to delay in processing registrations this would mean units could not track advancement or communicate with new Scouts or leaders until after their registration was processed. It would also prevent adults except for the Charter Org Rep, from holding more than one position in a unit. Given the number of units that have adults holding multiple roles and the issue with getting registrations processed in a timely manner, it was felt preventing deletions was the better option.

Well, it was a mistake. I’m a professional programmer, and I think this is a kluge. It was not the only solution. There could be both officially registered positions and local positions. The position in question is not even a unit level position, and shouldn’t have been able to be entered at the unit level in the first place (well except that the Council is way behind in adopting Scoutbook, and hasn’t made all the proper entries). This is right up there with taking the Camping, Hiking, and Service logbooks out of Scoutbook, that was just plain stupid, the Scouts should be able to make their own entries, just like they make their own entries in their Scout Handbook, it’s false security. Like I said previously, Scoutbook has become harder to use, not easier, many of the changes make no logical sense, and the end-users needs are not important to the developers. I was an early adopter of Scoutbook, but now I think it’s a failed experiment, Scoutbook is a waste of my time, and it’s time to go back to using Troopmaster and/or SOAR.

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