Positions included in Patrol Leaders' Council

Is there a list available of which positions are automatically included for the Patrol Leaders’ Council calendar invite list? I just discovered Quartermaster is not, so now I need to know which positions I also need to keep a special eye out for when we create meeting events.


The positions invited to the patrol leaders council is determined by the unit, but most invite at least those that have green bars on their position patches.

QM was always on PLC when I was SM - we have alot of equipment that continually needs attention - but there is no set policy

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The question comes up as the invite list is auto set if you choose the meeting as PLC. A long while back I asked for an improvement that would allow a unit to choose who was part of the PLC to auto choose that unit’s standard invite.

I believe Scoutbook defaults to this list:

  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
  • Patrol Leaders
  • Troop Guide
  • Scribe (troop)

Which comes from the SPL Handbook and also:

However, other Scouts can also be invited.

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@JenniferOlinger thanks! That’s what I was looking for. I wasn’t clear, I know we can invite whoever we like, I was looking for the positions that Scoutbook autofills in the calendar so that everytime I set an event up, I know which people have to be added (or, theoretically, removed) every time.

One way we work around this is using the Feature Assistant Extension to copy events that have been customized in terms of invitees, timing, location, etc. For example, I use it with our troop’s OA reminders. That way, I just update events when we have our OA election (or scouts/scouters leave), and then copy the events forward so I don’t have to remember everyone.


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