Two Issues Relating to Troop Roster

We have two Troop roster issues:

  1. We have two Eagles who aged out one and two years ago. Both correctly appear on the Leader side of the roster as Unit College Reserve Scouters. However, on their individual pages, both have Patrol Leader listed under Current Troop Positions and Roles. When I try to add an end date, I get an error message: “Position: ___ is not assigned to a Patrol. Only a Scout assigned to a Patrol can be assigned the Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader position.” How do we add end dates to these positions?

  2. We have 5 Scouts who appear correctly in the Roster but do not appear in the RSVP section for events. How do we get Scoutbook to recognize them?


On the latter, try adding them as invitees.

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Thanks, @jacobfetzer! I was doing that while you were replying.

Just spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up the invite lists for a bunch of events.

Using the feature assistant extension, you can add invitees to multiple events at a time.

New Scouts are not added to existing events. The the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox can easily add new Scouts to multiple events.

Joe - on those aged out scouts now on the adult side of the ledger can you delete the positions?

@edavignon Yes, you’re right. I figured out correlation that these 5 Scouts all crossed-over into the Troop in March but did not get added automatically to existing events.

@Stephen_Hornak I was able to delete a Patrol Leader position for one of the aged-out Scouts. That means we’ve lost the info for that position. I tried to re-add the position, but now that he’s on the adult side, the Patrol Leader role is not one of the available choices.

I’m holding off on doing anything with the other aged-out Scout.