Positions not showing in showing in SB

My profile shows my old pack affiliations/positions. It does not show old crew, troop, or district positions. More importantly, while it does show me as a MB counselor, it does not show my current position as a council committee member. Is that not a recognized position in SB?


When I look in the DB I see your MBC position in Scoutbook. I see former positions in a crew, troop and pack. Scoutbook does not list District or Council committee positions.

I see you last logged in earlier today. Based on your DOB or e-mail address, I do not see a duplicate SB account for you.


Council registrar said she could see everything in the DB, but does not know why previous Crew/Troop positions fail to show in SB. Any idea why that might be?

Didn’t know about District and Council Committee, but that’s okay.


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