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Possible Bug(s) with MBC Connections

Hi there-
I was pruning some of my MBC connections last night, and ran into this one…

If I go into my connections, and click on a Scout that I’ve counseled, SB jumps to the Scout’s profile page, from which I can edit my connection to delete “MB Counselor” as a connection (which is a bunch of clicks, but not why I’m posting this…).

But, if I click on the “Approve MB” text in either my connection list or the Scout’s connection list, SB’s behavior is not what I expect. If I click on that text from my connection list, I get booted back to SB main page, apparently (but NOT actually) logged out of Scoutbook.

If I click on the “Approve MB” text in the Scout’s connection list, I get booted out to the main SB page, but not with the appearance that I’ve been logged out of Scoutbook.

Everything else about the MBC connection seems to be working OK, and this might be (mostly) the intended behavior for clicking on the text, but it’s not the expected behavior…

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