Can't link a MBC to any Acout

I am the SM and I have been unable to link a counselor to a Scout. This issue started a few months ago. I can find the counselor under the Councils MBC list. However, when I go to the scouts advancement page and then to a merit badge and then “link” the counselor, he/she is not coming up. I have already “signed” the blue card. It doesn’t matter if I use first and last name, last name only, or email. I have tried in Mozilla, Mozilla private window, and in chrome. No change. The error that comes up is “No record found that satisfies the search criteria”. This message comes from The scouts BSAID: 130686589 and the counselor’s I don’t know how to get. Our Council office has been no help.

The search functionality has been broken for a while now, and at last report developers were actively working the issue at high priority.

If the particular MBC is already connected to one scout in your unit, you may be able to work around the issue this way:

Go to Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Troop ### → Roster

Then scroll down to Connections Manager.

In the Connections Manager, select the cell where the counselor’s line intersects with the scout’s column, and give View Advancement permissions.

Then, go back to the Roster, select the scout’s name, then go to their connections page. Select the MBC 's name, and change the connection type to MBC and select the appropriate MB from the list.

Thanks Charlie but I have no other scouts using this counselor so I will just wait for them to fix it. It’s not a really big deal because I try to avoid SB as much as I can due to all the issues.


The MBC can connect to the Scout with the Scout’s BSA Member ID and last name. There is an option on the MBC’s My Connection page to make this connection.

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