SB - has stop allowing scouts to connect or invite to approved MBC

In Scoutbook I and one other ASM in our troop have a message that comes up when SM or when the scout is trying to invite us to be an MBC for them / to assign us as an MBC for MB that is in our profile. Our YPT is up to date and good for the next 2-year cycle. I know that two weeks ago my ability to be assigned to both the boys and the girls troop was working because I am teaching a Cit in Community MB and I can approve. Thanks
I can’t get a copy of the message because I can assign myself to the scout. The scout can’t even invite me to be his counselor, when he invites me from the list the message comes up that he can’t connect to me. My BSA ID is 122192800 My User id is 459623

can they send a screenshot of the error they see

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