Possible double account on Scoutbook

Hi! I have a troop leader/parent in Scoutbook who is not able to RSVP for one of her daughters. She is a Lion Den Guide and partner for her Lion. She is able to see events for the Lion and RSVP for her. But for her newly bridged over Scout, no. She is not able to RSVP for her daughter. She is not able to see the events as well. But when I check the daughter’s profile, the mom’s name is listed there with full control. Is it possible she has a different account link to her eldest daughter?

Parent’s BSA ID as USR for G Troop and Pack DL: 13654717
Lion Scout BSA ID: 14252986
Eldest daughter’s BSA ID: 136705653

@MHTroop511KDC Everything looks OK to me.

You say she cannot see calendar events for her older Scout in the troop. In Scoutbook, does she have the troop and patrol calendars turned on?

My Calendar → Show Settings (looks like gear icon)

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