Issues Processing Transfers

My AOL den just crossed over to Scouts this weekend. One of the troops the scouts crossed over to have enabled online apps so they are processed more quickly and eficiently. We have asked the parents to go ahead and fill out their transfer apps. So far half (3 of 6 that have tried) have been successful with no issues. The other three are getting errors and are not able to process. At least two of them are getting this error. WHen I contacted council office, all they could tell me was “the system is having lots of problems and glitches, there are systems obviously linked that they say aren’t, and it just doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Just process paper apps.” So, no much help.

My guess is there could be a multiple accouont issue for these parents. BSA numbers for ones having issues:

Scout BSA Member ID# 13698422
Mom has 2 BSA Member ID#s I can see: 137174843 & 13698419

Scout BSA Member ID# 134411619
Mom’s BSA Member ID# 13004838

Scout BSA Member ID# 134410509
Mom’s BSA Member ID# 13230008 (but has her son’s name on her account showing in Scoutbook)

Thanks for any help or ideas.

Well the other issue is parents might NOT be connected to their scout in that system. They are if they see the scout under my applications

According to what I see in Scoutbook, all are connected to their scouts per the “linked chain” icon. Two of them have been connected since tiger year.

The mom with two BSA numbers, one is connected and one is not.

Scoutbook connections has nothing to do with

OK. Thanks, myscouting and IA are pretty foreign to me. What do we need to do to correct this? Our council registrar is less than helpful.

only council can validate or make that connection

Thank you. To verify the “application,” do they log in to, then open the Menu at the left, then click on “my application” to verify they can see their Scout(s) there? If so, then they are connected, if not, then Council needs to help correct?


The sending unit leaders can also do it for the Scouts

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

Thank you sir. I am not a Key 3 of either the sending or receiving unit, but the advancement coordinator in both and Unit Admin for both. I will work with one of the pack Key 3 and make this happen.

Thank you!

It may be that one unit hasn’t had their charter go thru the final processing.