Possible to Assign Den Admin to Parent?

Hello. I have a parent who would like to help out with the Den calendar and Den advancement, but is not willing to sign up as a Assistant Den Leader. Is it possible to assign a parent connected account the role of Den Admin without adding them as a full Assistant Den Leader?

They have to sign up as a registered volunteer. They could be a committee member, or even Unit Scouter Reserve, but they have to be registered. So, at a min. they will have to fill out an application, pay the registration fee, take YPT, and sign the background check (and pass it).

That’s a bummer. That’s going to be a bridge too far for this parent.

It is interesting that Den Leaders are encouraged to get parents to lead certain adventures, all without volunteer status / YPT, etc, but it’s not possible to let parents help out with Den clerical functions without being a registered volunteer.

Many parents are willing to help out in some capacity, but are just unwilling to sign up as a registered volunteer due to perceived additional commitments. It would be great if SB did offer such functionality for those individuals.

Once a person is grated the next level of access, they have access to full names, addresses, emails, etc. The organization has drawn a line - people with that level of access need to be registered.

Well that sounds like an opportunity for a new user role. “Den Secretary.” User is allowed to make changes to the calendar, record attendance, and mark advancements, but does not have access to that sensitive information. You don’t need to know “John D.'s” full name and address to know that he was there, and what adventure was worked on, etc.

You could register the individual as a Unit Scouter Reserve. The only requirements are take YPT, have a criminal background check and pay the registration fee. There is no expectation that they have other training or attend any meetings or events.

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