Unable to add Parent as Den Leader

I have a parent who is connected to his scouts, but unable to add him as a Leader in cub scout pack (he is his son’s den leader, but that den is showing no leader at all). I have searched by name, email and BSAID, but I receive the following error message, “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

@etruongcao - first thing., is this parent on the list of leaders in my.scouting.org ? If not then they need to fill out an adult app, pay the fees, and be approved by the Charter Org. If they are on the roster at my.scouting.org then add the position via their name in the unit roster. Cluck on thrur name then positions then add the respective den and position. This is not a bug.


@etruongcao If you post the parent’s BSA member ID number, we can take a look.

(No names, please.)

If the parent is already registered as an adult leader with your pack, he should automatically show on the adult leader roster in Scoutbook. But if the parent isn’t registered as an adult leader, you won’t be able to add him in Scoutbook (as Stephen said).

@JenniferOlinger - His BSA ID is 13909093.

Thanks for your help!


This individual is not a registered leader. He needs to complete Youth Protection Training (expired 9/12/2023), complete an adult application, either paper or online if you Council permits, sign the Criminal Background Check form and pay the fee. 24 hours after the Council processes his registration he will appear on your roster as a den leader. At that point, you can assign him to a den by creating a new den leader position.


Thank you, I’ve let him know about it.

Can you also check the status for BSA ID 140449294?

140449294 is not registered. YPT valid until 9/12/25

@etruongcao - your unit key 3 have access to the roster of registered youth and adults. In my.scouting.org

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