Post-SSO enforcement : Scouts performing Scoutbook calendar entry after PLC?

With the SSO being enforced now is there a workaround available or is there a planned enhancement to allow Scouts to add Calendar events for their Troop?

Know i read in these forums some units even allowed their PLC to view advancement for planning via their Shell Account for Calendar entry. We hadn’t gotten to that point with our unit.

Prior post on same topic

Still able to log in to Scoutbook with our “webmaster” account.

The following is what I receive with our webmaster account when I tried today. Have been testing this with each of the maintenance windows that have been published since the recent SSO enforcement deadline was published.

Are we able to create a shell my.scouting webmaster account to match but have no BSA ID?

I’m not sure about that. I need to look at my webmaster account to see how it’s set up.

Realized the Webmaster Account was a Scoutbook only account. Have setup a My.Scouting account and appears to work.

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