Can't create Calendar entries anymore

I wish there was an IT support option for scoutbook, but I guess forum will have to do. I was a Lion den leader last year and had no problem creating entries on the calendar in Scoutbook. Now that I’ve moved up to Tiger Den Leader, I can’t create entries on the Calendar anymore. Is there a BSA IT representative that can troubleshoot my access please? When I click on a date in the calendar of scoutbook, nothing happens. I’ve tried Chrome and Edge, desktop and mobile, multiple different weeks. I’ve turned off and on. Something with my access is messed up, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

@AnthonyKaufman you need to be a den admin - have a unit admin make you a den admin

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This isn’t the issue, but you have two member numbers in your council. One has your leader registration and the other has your parent relationship. This could come into play some day when your son transfers units (including to a troop). Talk to your council about getting you adult partner and parent relationships moved over to your ID with the registration (or vice versa).

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