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Hello All. We have transitioned from Troop Track and scoutbook has been pretty good so far. I know this question has been asked before but there seem to be multiple work arounds and I was wondering what the best option is at this point.
We have a scout who has the leadership position as troop webmaster. He asked me how to give him access to enter calendar events as well as record attendance. Obviously we do not want to give him an admin account for the entire site.

Is there any best practices for this?

Any scout with the Scribe PoR on Scoutbook can take attendance via the Scouting app. This doesn’t work via the Scoutbook web interface.

AFAIK, the calendar module still requires an adult account to edit, and it’s either an admin (patrol admin for the respective patrol’s calendar, unit admin for unit calendar), or the unit Secretary. The Outdoor Activity Chair might also have access. I forget exactly. We’ve been using the adults as scribes for the scouts (i.e. the PLC gives direction about what to add to the calendar, and we add it in) pending the eventual rework of the calendar module. It’s not ideal, but it works OK.

Here’s what we’ve done, and it seems to work pretty well.

  1. Created a new GMail address for the troop webmaster position.
  2. Set up a filter in GMail to automatically forward any incoming email to the webmaster address to the Key 3 members.
  3. Created a new Adult Account in Scoutbook with the “Add Leader” button on the Troop Roster screen.
  4. The new Troop Webmaster adult account has the “Committee Secretary” role assigned to it, and “View Profile” and “View Advancement” permissions for all scouts.
  5. The log-in credentials for this account are shared with the PLC members, and updated at each election.

Now, anyone logging in with the Webmaster account can email everyone in the Troop, edit the calendar, and view/run reports on all scouts’ advancement for PLC planning meetings.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this: no youths have access to the GMail account; they can only use it as a log in for Scoutbook. Only I have the password for it.

Thanks for the info…I appreciate i

Great…Thanks for sharing this information. I really appreciate it.

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