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Prepare Balance Message Function drops carriage returns

The option to send balance tickler emails is found by clicking the “Prepare Balance Message” link at the bottom of the Show Payment Log Balances pack report. The default message is one line. I added additional text above and below, followed by an email signature all with blank lines in-between. The Preview message appeared normal but after sending emails and CCing myself, I noticed that all carriage returns were dropped and the message appeared as one block of text.


Hello from Pack! It’s that time of year when dues are collected. Below is information from Scoutbook. The Scout Account for ###Adrian### has a balance due of ###$-61.25###. For transaction details, please ###[view Adrian’s Payment Log]### in Scoutbook. To make a payment online please visit or send funds via PayPal or your bank’s website to. If you have any questions or for Financial Assistance requests please email me at. Thanks, John Mielcarek

@JohnMielcarek - that appears to be the feature assistant rather than a native scoutbook function. I trust a forum admin will move the topic in that direction.

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I see that another user has reported the same issue about a month ago.

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V0.43.0.4 was released which should fix this issue.