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Feature Request for Feature Assistant - Balance Message

Big fan of the extension. I just used it to send a batch of Balance Messages for negative balances on Scout Accounts. Worked up some nice text, hit the review and then sent. Only to find that the message that was actually sent stripped the whitespace.

So, my request would be to keep the whitespace (particularly new lines) in the message that is sent so that the message is easier for parents to read.

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@SeanS Sorry you had a problem. I’m not sure why whitespace was stripped out - the reason I put the preview in was to show what the message sent should look like.

I’ll do some testing to see if Scoutbook is stripping it out.

No worries, it still was helpful and already have a stream of payments coming in :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need my sample data (sensitive info redacted, of course) or anything else.

// Sean

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V0.43.0.4 was released which should fix this issue.

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