PrePosted/Posted individuals and units still showing 12/31/2021 expirations

My district now has 2 pre-posted/posted units. As I understand it, those individuals and units should now have expirations of 12/31/2022. Is there another step that needs done on such units? Or is the system not accounting for the renewals correctly?

That does not mean the council has taken all their steps in most cases

So despite the claim that in certain circumstances it skips the registrar (On Hold status), does that mean there’s actually a step the council still has to do?

who knows? @brantgurga

I’ll followup with the registrar and see if she’s aware of anything. It’d make sense for there to be another step since these units aren’t TRULY renewed unless there’s an annual charter agreement and that’s not done in the online process.

We too have 2 units “Pre-posted”. One of them is mine. I think we are all waiting to see what that entails. One would think that on 1/1/2022 the unit would have a new charter. But, like you said, maybe it is waiting on the paper annual recharter agreement or some other manual process. Too bad!


Funny, in the last 3 hours, our 2 units moved from “Pre Posted Units” to “Units Posted”. The new charter certificate is not yet in the unit “Organizational Manager”. We are also still showing “Request More Information” in BeAScout vs. “Apply Online”. So, a bit of progress.


There are multiple systems involved so I imagine a data sync still needs to occur. I would check again late today or tomorrow.

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The first two weeks of January are a busy time for BSA IST even when the software is not changing. I can remember JTE council/district reports being delayed rountinely in January to allow for databases time to be updated and tested by BSA national.

Not so fast! They jumped back from posted to preposted.


Status Definitions
• Recharter - Not Started means that no unit Key 3 or Key 3 Delegate has started the recharter process These are eventually going to be your dropped units.
• In Process - one of the unit Key 3 or Key 3 Delegate has logged in and started the recharter process.
• Waiting for COR Signature - COR or CC or UL hasn’t electronically signed recharter Which Is required to move to HOLD.
• Hold - means that the unit has finished its rechartering and the package is awaiting Council Registrar review. Every Charter with attached documents or paid at council will be in On Hold status until council review Is complete. This review may find missing info that the unit still needs to provide. Many Councils call them defects. Units can initially complete their charter and not have all things done, such as not YPT or CBC forms. This will mean defects to be resolved before the Registrar will approve. Multiple registrations get verified that the Primary unit has paid.
• Pre-Posted - These Charters are paid online (Credit Cards or ACH checks) and do not have any attached documents. Charters go to this status immediately when the unit completes them. These are still reviewed by the Council Registrar but it’s expected that the computer edits have all been passed so the Council review can go quickly. I don’t think there are any multiple registrations allowed on these units. That says the Council is done and hasn’t hit the button yet to Post to National (send them the money).
• Posted - where an paperwork is done and the recharter process is finally completed and sent to National

For what it is worth, our unit went to this status and we had one multiple that we aren’t primary for. We met all other criteria. One can see where the multiple would make it someone of a chicken and egg situation. How can this post if the other unit that is paying for the person hasn’t posted? Quite the interesting programming question.

“Posted” does not mean “All Done”. National still needs to push some kind of approve button on their end (or some batch process has to run). My unit was “Posted” yesterday, and we did have Multiples (primary to another unit). Today, in IA, “Recharter” is not listed in the menu on the left, and, in my.scouting, my new charter certificate is available!

Same here. We do have our new charter today. This has to be a record for our council, at least. It has taken 2-3 months at times. 7 days isn’t too bad.

We have our charter today as well.
Just missing an address of a committee member and the wrong grade for one scout. I was able to see our chapter certificate. When I printed the certificate off the bottom was cut off. When I went back in it gave me a system error(-6). I hope it can be resolved so I can print it off. I also hope that the membership cards print without any problems.

Thanks, Jennifer. We are in hold status. I suspects it’s the Scout needing conversion to UP that the mom used her own my.scouting username instead of creating a separate one for the boy.