Recharter uploaded successfully, yet key 3 shows as membership expired

Hi, I’m Steve Hanson (or Steven) #6682051, COR for Troop 10, Capitol Area Council (564) in Austin TX. At recharter time, I had a few problems with trying to get a new UP showing his YPT, but since he was still a youth, the upload went through, just in the nick of time on Dec. 31.

As of 2/11/22 my roster has not been updated to drop a few youth and adults, and when I go into my.scouting to assign a Unit Advancement Chair, all the Key 3 are greyed out, and when I click the Unit Advancement Chair button to assign someone, I get a “your membership has expired” message. I sent an email to the Registrar, but have not received an answer.

Any analysis from your end is most approeciated.

@SteveHanson When you log in at Internet Advancement, click on the Recharter button.

What does it say for the status?

Recharter is waiting for Approval

Your charter is progressing nicely! Looks like your charter application is signed and it’s now going through a review at your local council. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions.

I reached out by email on 2/4. No reply. This is her first year to be registrar. I empathize, but we do need to move forward.

This is what I know about the Recharter statuses:

It has to go to fully posted. So, it is in your council’s hands, but not done yet.

I missed the word HOLD in the banner, Guess I will wait and see what happens.