Charter Renewal Status Improvement

The new indenting is good. The “units posted” is still broken. For example, our district is still showing 0 units posted when 5 have posted.

Look at that! It actually adds up! Nice work!

@JillBarr So, should this have a category after posted that is called “complete” or something?

Posted should mean complete for action… I’m not sure what you mean by waiting for national as your Council is the one who does the actions for recharter. Please explain

You are not actually chartered by national but by your council Who has a charter from national to do so!

The report should be fixed as well now… please let us know if you experience problems.

I have no way of knowing, sorry. @JillBarr and others have said that there is a time after a charter is posted, but before it is fully renewed. The thought is it goes to national, and thus has some other delay after posted, but before “done”.

Can you confirm that? Or know that it doesn’t do that?

Charter Renewal Dataflow


With the shutdown of the old ScoutNET database (January 2022) things may have or are being changed in 2022.

I do not know what the “pre-posted” status is.

My current understanding of the data flow is:

Internet Recharter 2.0

  • Will auto-post if it can.
  • Does not auto-post unless it has a COR signature.
  • If documents are submited, or the renewal requires Scout Executive approval, the renewal is put “on-hold” for manual processing.
  • Manually processed renewals are posted by the registrar when reviewed by the registrar, and/or approved by the Scout Executive

Membership registration and YPT delays

There appears to be some confusion between delays related to the completion of individual registration (including criminal background checks and youth protection training) needed by individuals required to renew a unit’s charter.

In California, the dataflow may be different due to implementation of California Assembly Bill 506 changes to California law effective January 1, 2022.

Internet Recharter References

Membership References

2022-02-05-D DRAFT

I’m looking for someone who knows what has changed and if this step exists. If so, let’s reflect it.

Here is an answer from WilliamNelson.

Sadly, between when the unit ‘submits” their charter renewal electronically for “signature” by the unit’s COR (or one of the authorized alternatives) and when the unit ‘shows up’ as being “posted” either in ScoutBook, Internet Advancement or one of several apps in My.Scouting there are potentially a LOT of behind the scenes “things” that can happen that can best be summarized for most units by Step 2 in this image:

While there is only one “Happy Path” (a term used by BSA’s IT folks) there are many “unhappy” paths. A common “unhappy path” example: Following their own church leadership’s direction, the CORs and EOs for many units chartered by the United Methodist Church are not “signing” the charter renewal (also known as a membership renewal) until the BSA and UMC reach a final agreement with respect to the ongoing lawsuit.

In other news: Happy Scout Sunday.

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The process seems to take at least two overnights for “the miracle” to happen.

As someone who is waiting for our charter to be finished, I have been monitoring the reports I can see (unit and district membership) and have the following observations:

  • December 2021, recharter submitted Sunday, the 12th; payment submitted Friday, the 17th
  • Sunday, 1/23; no change to pack registration, some units in district have updated.
  • Monday, 1/24; phoned registrar = recharter not complete, can’t see what is missing, pack still has to do something
  • Tuesday, 01/26; COR submits approval signature (COR is the person who submitted the recharter in Dec.)
  • Friday, 01/28; phoned assistant registrar = recharter now visible, missing an adult application
  • Saturday; 01/29; missing adult application was turned in to scout store 2 weeks ago
  • Thursday, 02/03; report by DE, pack status On Hold
  • Friday, 02/04, pack registration expiration still 12/31/2021
  • Saturday, 02/05; registration through recharter for new leader posts to Scoutbook, scouts dropping at recharter disappear from Scoutbook, however, no change to My.Scouting roster, pack still expires in 2021
  • Sunday, 02/06; My.Scouting roster updates dropping old leaders / scouts and adding one new leader, pack now expires 12/31/2022. COR can’t use position manager as new leader background check is not complete.

Nice summary @DougWright . This helps.