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Printing a list of all Service Hours

I used to go into JTE every year and add up all the service hours. The log in Scoutbook only contained hours performed by troop members (and at the time excluded adults). So JTE was a more complete representation of our total hours to report to our CO. Note that on Eagle and other projects, we often have a substantial number of hours contributed by non-troop members (both youth and adults). Largely depends on the type of Eagle Projects we have going on.

The reports in Scoutbook/IA don’t show those non-member hours (even though we input them in IA). My council has disabled access to the old JTE system which prevents me from going in there and adding everything up like I used to. So now, the only way is to go through IA, open each calendar item, and add up the hours. Very cumbersome.

Can we add a tick option to the report that lets us include non-member hours when we run the activity report for Service and Conservation hours? It can just be a single line in the report. Label it non-member hours or just other.

Scroll to the bottom of the service hours log entry, you will see there where you can put in people who are not members of your unit.

@RyanKnutson I think you want to run the Activities Summary Report and it will show what you need (just confirmed with my Pack since I know we have entered service hours by non-registered adults).

To access this report, you need to be on the “Roster” page (yes, i know, not as intuitive as it does not also live on the “Reports” page).

Click “Run Report” from the “Roster” page and then select “Activities Summary Report”. In the next pop-up add the proper date range. The output will be something similar to my graphic here below and when you scroll to the bottom of the report, I think you’ll find what you are looking for in the number of hours.

Awesome! Thanks.


You’re welcome. Glad to help!

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