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Service Hour Calculations

We have just started using Scoutbook to record service hours. There were a couple of things that I noticed that make the reporting of hours incomplete and difficult. #1 - there is no total hours completed function at the end of the entry. If once you the finish button at the bottom, it would generate a summary for you to look at that would be much easier than having to go and generate a report. #2 - When I generated a report to see how many hours we had, it did not include non-registered participants hours. Since these hours can be included in JTE, they should be included in the total. Also, if ultimately Eagle project hours are transferred over to record on this site, Eagle projects involve lots of non-registered volunteer hours that would not be counted as the system exists currently. #3 - hour calculations are in 100’s instead of 60’s. If a person performs 1 hour and 25 minutes of service you have to do math 25/60x100 in order to figure out the amount to enter into spot. Either change the calculation base or divide the entry into hours and minutes.

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