Problem Retaking YPT

Hi There !

I am an ACC - Laurel Highlands Council. One of my Adult volunteers was attempting to RETAKE YPT.
But for some reason, she is stuck once clicking on the "RETAKE link. How do I get this volunteer reset?

@VernonSmith1 what browser is the user using?

They are using Google Chrome. I made sure the user cleared Dat & Cache.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.16.10 PM

This is the only RETAKE I see - you cannot just take the test? They need to do all the sections

The user was not able to start the test.

Do you want member ID ?

MID means nothing - this sounds like a user issue. Is their screen zoomed in? It needs to be set to 100%.

@VernonSmith1 - I would agree this is a total user issue. If the YPT has expired then the 4 sections will need to be done.

@VernonSmith1 If you want to post the BSA member number, we can take a quick look to see if the adult has completed the other YPT modules.

FWIT I retook it on Thursday evening.

Here is ID Number : 132572487

Yeah she has not done the course itself yet - she needs to click restart or enroll in the whole course

Got It - I will set up a Zoom Call to observe. I will get the results.