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Sorry for the new thread, missed replying for a day. So I sat back down to look at this some more. When I search for any MBC for any MB within a 10 mile radius of my zip code, I get volunteers from every unit around me but my home unit. Is anyone else seeing the same thing… or am I completely incorrect in assuming when I search for a MBC on the unit page that it doesn’t include your home unit by default (which would be silly if it didn’t, but I need to ask since I’m not seeing any of our MBC’s listed on the search).

Again, if I include myself in the ‘worldwide’ list, and my search includes worldwide, then I’ll show up (and my other MBC’s in the home unit do), otherwise, none of the home unit MBC’s show up. Thanks everyone.

All MBCs that meet the search criteria should appear in the list. MBCs in the unit’s council that have listing preference set to Worldwide should appear even if the Worldwide switch is off. The Worldwide switch is applies to MBCs outside of the unit’s council.

I’ll run some tests to see if the search is working properly.

The search is broken if the MBC has their listing preference set to Unit. The workaround is to set the listing preference to Worldwide, Council or District.

The developers have been notified.

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Thanks @edavignon - I’m having some volunteers set their switch to worldwide so I can test. But again, the default setting of Council, when I search for any MB and any MBC in a 5 mile radius from my zip code, I only see MBC’s that are registered with the other 2 units within 5 miles - none of the MBC’s in my home troop are appearing in that search. There’s only 12 MBC’s that show up within 5 miles of my zip code - so it’s easy to see that their registration isn’t with my home troop. Thanks.

Post the BSA # of an MBC you believe should be showing (no names) and the zip code you are searching from and I’ll investigate.

@edavignon - 117637604, from zip code 18036. I have plenty of others if you need. Currently I’m only seeing 12 MBC’s from that zip code, but I know of at least 4 or 5 others that live in that zip code that don’t show, and others from local zip codes within 5 miles that aren’t showing either. But again, I’m wondering if it’s a bug where it doesn’t show MBC’s from your own unit. Thanks.


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