Merit Badge Counselor List Searches from Council Zip

Is anyone else having an issue with searching for Merit Badge Counselors? When I search, and enter any zip code, the results are show from my councils zip code instead of the one that I enter.

@JeremyRousseau - here:

Yes - I have no MBC showing up on any search that I do and cant find a help section. My Scoutmaster is having the same issue.

So, @KennethCarlson, you’re not seeing any MBCs for any MB when you search, or only for certain MBs? Have you tried with the maximum search radius from the zip code? As @Stephen_Hornak’s link indicates, there are some issues right now with the MBC search feature.

This may be a different issue than the OP but I’m getting the same thing as Kenneth and staff at the scout office says they’ve gotten complaints from a few units indicating the same.
Search by merit badge name doesn’t work regardless of zip code or proximity. The option to use Council and District is greyed out and can’t be changed. I can search for counselors by name.

Hi, @ThomasSisson,

Again, there’s a known issue with the search by zip code. Can you clarify exactly what you’re seeing in terms of dysfunction? For example, is it displaying no MBCs despite setting the distance to Any Distance? Is it only missing some MBCs that you/the council think are registered? Are you getting issues only when you limit it to 50 miles/25 miles/10 miles/5 miles?

The reason for the detailed questions is that, the better the detail on the error report, the better the SUAC/developers can help diagnose the problem, or identify it as linked/the same as what they’re already working on.

I think (based on the way that the fields are named in the interface) that the intent was to limit the council/district to your unit’s council/district. Are they not displaying your local & district, or were you just anticipating that you could search within other councils/districts?

ETA: Oops. It is supposed to permit searching by council/district. My mistake. See the Scoutbook Change Log post referenced previously in the discussion.

Yes, I’m having that exact problem.

The URL for the search shows my zip code (

However, the search results are centered in Woburn, MA (01801), where The Spirit of Adventure Council/227 office is located.

Right. As @Stephen_Hornak noted further up this thread, there’s a known issue with the Search by Zip Code feature, which is under active development to resolve.

Correcting my earlier post, it looks like the intent is for search by council/district to be available, but only if the zip code is removed from the search field. I just tested this, and it it’s not functioning as (apparently) intended. I’m not sure if that’s also part of the same issue being investigated by the developers right now or not.

Another issue that I am having is that I can’t find myself in any search. I am listed as a MB Counselor with badges assigned, but I do not show up in either zip code search, name, by badge, etc…

Can someone who is a register MB Counselor verify that you can find yourself in a search?

I can verify that I show up when searching by name or when searching by zip code (sorta). For search by zip code, I have to set the distance to Any Distance, since the search is currently using the zip code of the home council as the center of the search. I’m just a bit over 50 miles from the center of that zip code, apparently.

I assume you’ve verified in your my.scouting profile that you are listed as a MBC? You should also be able to see your own MBC position (and associated MBs) when you go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions. If it doesn’t show up there, there might have been a glitch in your council’s upload data, or they might have omitted the MBs in the data file. We had that happen to a number of us in my council recently (apparently due to a problem with the upload file).

Hi Charley,
I’ll be glad to provide more details and answer any questions and thanks for the quick response. When I search for a specific badge by name, with the proximity set to any distance, no merit badge counselors are displayed. The response is “There are no results matching your search”.
I did read the complete post including the link so I am aware of the zip code issue which is why I said I wasn’t sure if this was the same issue as the OP.
I just tried the council and district search again and that does work. I must not have cleared the zip code the last time I tried.

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Jeremy, when I search for myself by name I get no result but when I clear the zip code and search I show up for the badges I am registered to counsel.

OK. It’s definitely odd that you’re not seeing any MBs returned on a search by name. Is that only for specific badges, or have you tried multiple ones? Did you set the Availability toggle at the bottom to “Any”? I’m not seeing the same issue when I search for counselors with:

  • Several common merit badges (Cooking, Camping, Emergency Prep, Hiking, Swimming)
  • Blank counselor name
  • Blank (or non-blank) zip code
  • “Include worldwide” toggled off
  • Any Distance
  • Availability set to Any or Available. I get no returns if I search for “Busy”, but that’s likely because counselors have to toggle that setting themselves.

Also, if you look under My Dashboard → Administration → Troop ####, at the very bottom of the page, it lists a date when your council last uploaded their MBC list. What’s the date shown there? I’m wondering if y’all might have had an upload issue that omitted a block of counselors.

The MBC Search is currently unreliable. A fix is scheduled to be released tonight. Please try your searches after the change log is posted. If you still are seeing problems, please report back.

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Thanks for the notification.

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