Problem with editing camping trip

Our troop had a camping trip last weekend and I tried to enter it.

It looks like first we have to edit the Attendees in the event to remove people that were invited and didn’t attend, add the camping trip and then edit the scouts and adults that attended the camping portion itself.

The first time I edited and saved only the Attendees that attended it didn’t take. All of the invited attendees returned. The second time I did it, that worked.

Then when entering the camping trip itself. First I tried to set the overall group nights to 3 days 2 nights for both adult and youth and unlike previously, that didn’t become the default in the individual settings, so I manually went in and changed all the days and nights for everyone that attended. I then saved it and went back in and now everyone is listed as 0 days and 0 nights. I then tried doing the same editing without setting overall group days and nights and the same thing happens, everyone is listed as 0 days and nights.

The comment with "groups’ is unclear since it says “Use Group to record the same number of nights for each person” Does that mean that everyone has to have the same number of nights or that it will become the default (but you can change it for the ones that didn’t) like the way it worked previously?

I tried to run the report just in case it is a display only issue and it says that everyone has 0 days and 0 nights.

Another minor issue is that when you re-display the activity instead of listing the actual state for us it lists 27, which I have a feeling means MD. And just in case I hit refresh and that didn’t change anything.

Are you following the directions here? If some sections are unclear, we can definitely enhance them.

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If you look at that document, the section for adding the camping activity itself to the event after the event happens doesn’t contain much information. This is the extent of the information “Click “Add Camping/Hiking/Service Hours” The people who were invited to the event will be listed in the activity. You can then adjust who attended the activity if not all of them participated.”

None of that addresses changing the number of nights associated with a trip for individual people and the fact that after removing attendees they all came back and the state is 27 instead of MD.

@JamesSoltysiak - in the event you would use the individual tab to modify the attendees individual attendance


That is the way I did it the first time. I have been entering this stuff for years for my troop. First under group I listed 3 days and 2 nights, when I switched to the individual tab it listed everyone as 0 days and 0 nights so I switched everyone to their correct days and nights. Then when I saved it, it said that it was successful but when I went back in, everyone was at 0 days and nights again.

I tried this again without first setting the group numbers and the same thing happened.

I also don’t think the intention is that you have to remove invitees from the calendar event first. I’m not so familiar with this feature, but that can’t be the expectation.

@jacobfetzer When it becomes an event in the past it is labeled as “Attendees” instead of Invitees. It actually says we are supposed to do that in the instructions you provided.

“The invitees will turn into ‘attended’ after the event. You are able to edit who did and did not attend similarly to editing invitees.”
This appears to be the equivalent of in the legacy Scoutbook calendar going in and marking people as attended. Now you delete people that didn’t attend.

No, you don’t remove people from the invitee list. I don’t think the statement about attendees is conveying what it’s supposed to. You actually have to turn on rsvp’s first before you can take attendance. Then, there’s a clear delineation between who attended and didn’t, and they all default to not attended. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is part of the problem with the nights camped.

@jacobfetzer The RSVP interface was never required previously to do this. You only used RSVP if you wanted people to RSVP via Scoutbook. If you use a different (BETTER) interface for signing up for trips you don’t select RSVP. Nothing in the instructions say it is required in order to record an activity and who actually attended. The instructions says that the “invitees” become the attended and you can edit who attended, it doesn’t says the ones that RSVP’d do.

I agree. I thought the same as you when I first read them. You can turn the rsvp’s on after the event has started in order to take attendance. You don’t actually have to receive any rsvps.

@jacobfetzer So I went in and turned on RSVP (which was never required previosly and not stated in the directions.) I then clicked on that they all accepted the RSVP and then marked them as Attended in the RSVP section. I then tried to edit one of the scouts and the same thing happens. He is still listed as 0 days and 0 nights.

I have since gone in and edited it via the older method of using “Quick Entry”-> “Edit Activity Logs” instead of the newer interface using the links within the calendar and it works fine. I tried it numerous times the other way using various methods and it never worked there. Looks like it is an issue with that interface.

Based on looking at the two different methods for entering a camping trip, based on this screen shot it looks like you went in via the Quick Entry->Activity Logs method instead of going in via the calendar. The look is a little different if you go in via the calendar. Now based on my latest test, it looks like things work fine if you edit it via the Activity Log interface but if you edit it via the calendar interface that is where the problems exist.

@JamesSoltysiak - yes that was via the activity log and that is always where i have modified the individual data

Yes I was specifically trying the new methods of entering the activity logs via the calendar which is supposed to be the new method for do it That is where the problems are. That is why I reported it under the “New Calendar Bugs” section. Silly me trying to use the new methods :wink:

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@JamesSoltysiak - no its a good thing to try the new method and report issues

We appreciate you reporting the bugs in the system and the help guide deficiencies


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