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Problem with MBC Status

I have submitted this to support and it has been escalated SSD-106637 but I figured I would see if anyone here has any thoughts. Just had a Council merger, one of the councils had never uploaded a mbc list but had troops entering them. I uploaded a counselor list for the new combined counselor no error on the upload. One counselor in the who had never been uploaded before does not show as a counselor when he looks at his posistion tab. When i Search for him he is not found. When I download the list it is exactly the same as my upload but missing 1 row, His. Here s the really weird part, he has MBC commands on his dashboard and they link to an old list of his MB not the ones I uploaded.



When you uploaded the list, did you download the summary file and check it for errors before processing? If you didn’t, I suggest uploading the file again. As long as you don’t process the file when the analysis is finished, nothing will be changed.

OK I am watching this as it might effect some development that is happening. I guess the user does not see a hanging MBC under his positions?

Yep there were two errors for two other counselors over email issues. I did do another upload of the same file and the only thing listed in the add/remove dropdowns was adding him as a mbc and adding all his MB. I ran it same issue,


Please open a ticket with scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Include the MBC’s Member ID and attach a copy of the csv upload file. Post the SSD number here when you receive it.

Already sent it is the never never land of escalation

@edavignon it is there to take a look at already - I am watching it

  1. Check if the MBC is registered in the new (merged) council. Is MBC registration in the new council/district current? Contact your council registrar to find out if the MBC was transferred to the new council. Has the MBC submitted an updated annual MBC information form to the council?
  2. Check my.scouting tools, Does that profile have both membership numbers in it with the new membership number selected as the default? If not, fix that.


You should know this by now. I am the Scoutbook Champion and Merit Badge Dean for your council. He is on the upload list which comes from scoutnet show he is registered. He only has one membership #.

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Hi Ron,

Assuming the MBC was registered in the merged council. The old MBC memberID may still be in the download of ScoutNet data for the old council. A down of data from council 023 ScoutNet will only show the current MemberID in the council 023 ScoutNet data.

my.Scouting Tools Change

Manage Member ID Enhanced

National 01/30/2020

The Manage Member ID feature has been updated to operate in the new platform. This feature, which allows users to add additional member IDs to their account, has been moved to appear under the Menu instead of under Legacy Web Tools. Setting or changing a member ID to primary changes a person’s role and permissions in my.Scouting. The system will automatically log you out and will require you to log back in for the change to take effect.


We received confirmation from the BSA that when councils merge, BSA Member IDs and positions do not change. All Scouts and Scouters retain their existing BSA Member ID and expiration date.

I assume this is OK provided there is not different people with the same MemberID in the councils being merged.

I suspect there may have been MBC positions with different expire dates the councils being merged.

BSA Member IDs do not overlap. Each council has its own block of Member IDs.

The expiration date of MBCs does not matter in this case. If the MBC were expired, it would not be listed in the upload file that Ron generated. There is something wrong in Scoutbook. The developers are looking into it.

The counselor was only registered in one council and retained his is number. This is a data issue as he seems to have access to MBC tools with no MBC position in his account. Leading to a possible data corruption issue.

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