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Weird issue with MBC upload

I am keeping my upload csv file manually as my registrar is only in office intermittently during the stay at home.Not a problem as long as person is a registered scouter. I have some people who have id numbers through my.scouting who have now submitted MBC paperwork, no other registered position. I have added them to my spreadsheet so once the registrar gets them in I can get them uploaded. If I upload file with them in it I get the following message " This BSA Member ID does not have an active registration in ScoutNET. If this is a new registration, please wait 24 to 48 hours for the information to sync to Scoutbook."

Everything good to that point. Except they get the welcome to SB message listing their Merit badges. But it has not entered them and have verified this via search, download of list and their my position page.

They shouldn’t be in scoutbook. The problem is that email going out


Thanks Ron.

I have notified the developers.

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