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Problem with Merit Badge Entry for scouts that are in a crew and a troop

I have several scouts that are in both a Crew and a Troop. I am the COR & Advancement Coordinator for the Troop. I am NOT registered in the Crew.

I go to start a merit badge for a scout using “Troop xxx, Patrol, Scouts Name, Advancement, Star, or Life Requirement or add a merit badge. I click to select a Merit Badge

When the Choose a Merit Badge page shows up it has switched me from viewing via the Troop xxx page to viewing via the Crew xxx page. I select the Merit Badge and get the usual Merit Badge page where I can: invite counselor, unit ldr signature, print blue card, percent complete & requirements, etc. I click in Percent Completed and have the mini screen Date Completed with Save, Cancel, & Remove Merit Badge. (This is while still listed as with Crew xxx.)

I select (on the top line either Crew xxx or scouts name (but not advancement) and have two boxes just below the scouts name containing Troop xxx & Crew xxx.

I select troop xxx, go into advancement, scroll down to the appropriate Merit Badge and the usual Merit Badge Page stays with Troop xxx, Patrol, Name, Advancement, MB Requirements and the usual Merit Badge page.

I select Percent complete and I have the mini page with Date Complete, Leader Approved, Awarded, Save, Cancel & Remove Merit Badge.

I can work around this issue by starting the MB in the crew and then going back to the scouts name and then drilling back down to advancement to do the work I need to do.

This is a known :bug: but unit awarding is not stored anywhere in the National Records - the MB is just credited to the Scout so it does not have a high priority - The MB will still function as the Scout and the Unit needs it to function

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