Permissions to verify Merit Badges/ Multiple Unit registration

I have a Scout who is dual registered with both Troop and Crew, and I am the Troop SM. I am trying to enter MB’s she earned this summer at camp, and I do not see the option to verify them. It appears as if her account keeps switching over to the Crew, and I do not have permissions to edit advancement in the crew. With my other Scouts, who are only registered to the Troop, I was able to enter and verify in one step. Is this happening because of her dual registration? How can this be fixed so that her MB’s can be verified and awarded by the troop? (The Crew does not manage MB’s for anyone, as all youth are dual registered in various Troops in the area.)

@AmberAckerman - if my memory serves me right, if you go to said scout then edit profile then scroll down and I emphasize down, you may well see a line that says scouts BSA advancement.

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