Problem with Parent Record

I’m having a problem with a parent record. I tried to work with the council registrar, but they couldn’t access it.

We have three brothers: 140787300, 133320967, 134827830. They are linked to their father: 13273711. The mother, whose ID is 134827830. But there is another record and we can’t link the three scouts to her.

Can you assist?

This BSA member ID number belongs to a youth.

@GoodloeWhite I think the mother’s BSA number might be this one: 134827831

What is it you are trying to do?

The mother is listed with different names. I would like to have her merged into one record and have her linked to her scouts. One record should have history as a den leader, I think.

@GoodloeWhite I sent you a private message.

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