Problems not being able to add events

One of our leaders has 2 accounts.
One for 13405947 and another for 13284886.
When I as the committee chair bring up the troop roster under leaders her email is incorrect so when
I select her all the emails go to the incorrect email address.
Also she is not able to edit the calendar and add events in the calendar.
It think she is logging in under her 13284886 login which has her correct email but her 13405947
BSA# still has her old incorrect email address.

see below

Maybe send the website admin this info:



The profile with my photo is the one I can log into and has the correct email associated with it—BSA number 13405997. The other one has not been deleted and still shows up when I go to My Units: Troop Roster. It is from way back when I was a Cub Scout leader for Jude’s old Pack, I think the BSA number is 13284886. That is where the wrong email contact is listed under the directory, and I cannot change that.


The email under My Account of the account we want to keep is correct. Either way, I still cannot edit the events.

I understand you have merged the accounts but she still cannot edit events.
Dan Holl

Dan, I sent you a private message.

Your leader’s Scoutbook accounts should be fixed now. Please ask her to log in to Scoutbook with her my.scouting username and password.

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