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One of my Leaders Needs Help Changing their Email

(Name removed by moderator) (13798489) is a new leader and is able to get into Scoutbook and get into my.scouting. She has updated her profile in Scoutbook and completed training in my.scouting. What she is unable to do is update her email address in scoutbook (in her dashboard under her account). It lists her login/username as her email and when she tries to change it she gets an error that there may be two accounts for her, specifically one to that email address already. She was given member ID 137261998 at first but then it was changed to the one above and the one above seems to work for everything else. Is there a way to merge these two accounts so her email is on the active ID of 13798489?

Also, she was unable to create a question here which is why I’m having to do it for her.

Lastly, she doesn’t have our Pack associated to her login therefore can’t see our calendars and Pack contacts. Is that also something you can assist with?

@JessicaMarshall1 ok this is all fixed - the second MID (998) is her Den Leader one so it needs to be Primary - I put them under management for her.

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