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Problems Uploading MBC Listing from Council

Okay… just when I thought I had this… sigh. Last month, I successfully uploaded our Council MBC listing to Scoutbook. I went in to update it, went through steps, reports produced, merged, etc… all fine. THEN, when I uploaded every single line came back with following error:

“DistrictName District is not a valid district. Please see FAQ.” Where I have District Name, insert every one of our 4 districts there. These ARE valid districts. I am a MBC and when I sign on, I see the 4 districts listed there for me to choose. Why is my report erroring this month like this??? I had NO PROBLEM with district stuff last month - all worked beautifully.


There is a bug in the spreadsheet macro. Edit the District column to remove the word District from each entry. You can use a global Find/Replace but make sure you restore the heading.

If you are including every district in your council in every entry, just leave the District column blank. It will have the same effect as listing them all.

Thanks Ed, I did as you said and it has worked. Wondered what I was doing wrong.

On a related note, do you know why it would suddenly remove three counselors who were there last time? YPT is still good, they are still registered as MBC’s, and their lines did not produce any error messages… I was wondering if they could have gone in on Scoutbook and said “I don’t want to be a MBC” somehow but I know for sure one of them would NOT have done this. When she notices she has gone away, I do expect a phone call from her if I can’t fix it first. Another of the three I’m sure has never signed onto Scoutbook. The 3rd one… she could’ve said “no thanks,” so the situation is really different for all three of them… and all 3 were dropped.


Did Scoutbook tell you they are being removed or do they just not appear in the search? If they are not appearing in search it could be they set their visibility to unlisted or restricted by unit.

Scoutbook said they were being removed and their names and merit badges appear under the “Counselors Removed” and “Merit Badges Removed” sections of the “Compared to the Scoutbook current MBC list, the following actions will occur” report page. I made screen prints of it…

Are they in your upload CSV file? Typically the only names removed are those that are

  1. Missing from the csv
  2. Have an error when validating
  3. Do not have any Merit Badges listed

Well, unless I am missing something… they are all in my CVS file, all have at least one MBC listed, and none have errors. I have saved each report, I can e-mail them. BSA id#'s look correct, e-mail addresses there, I have no idea.

Would you send me your contact information and a good time to call? We can go over the files
Send it to:

Bill Nelson
Scoutbook User Advisory Council