Problems with Detailed Assessments

The following issues were encountered when trying to complete a detailed assessment for a unit:

  • Link to the detailed assessment questionnaire was inaccessible for all recipients, including the Unit Commissioner (me).
  • In PDF version of the assessment, there is a comment section for every item in each category, but there is only one large comment section per category in the online version.
  • The fields in the PDF version are set to scroll rather than auto-size which makes printing and reading the comments very difficult.
  • Unit was unable to submit comments online due first above, so those fields were not viewable or editable by the Unit Commissioner.
  • Unit Commissioner comment fields are too short at 1000 characters, especially if needing to copy in unit comments since they could not post them.
  • Upon saving Unit Service Plan items, the description field get truncated at 254 characters even though the field size is supposed to be 1000 characters. I discovered this after the fact, so the majority of my comments are now lost.

Please advise on the above items. Thank you!

When did you create the Detailed Assessment? A fix was just recently deployed that fixes this issue, but only for those that are created after.

It was created in early November, before 11/12/2023.

Yup, there is a thread in the Forum on that topic. It was just fixed earlier this week.

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