Profile update issues

Once that is fixed I should be able to register as an adult in Troop 324B in Transatlantic Council.

Thank You

@JoshuaBetty you need to talk to council for fix

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Thank you for the help

Well your current number is not a TAC number - it is a #192 Coranado number

@JoshuaBetty I found another BSA # for you that has the DOB that should fix it - give me a minute

@JoshuaBetty try the adult app now

I tried switching to my other BSA ID now I can’t access anything.

I put it back to the one you already had - I just pushed the DOB to the accounts

Thank you. I will keep trying registration. For some reason it says I must be 18 to register

@JoshuaBetty where are you trying to register?

Yes, I went there then clicked on my troop, Troop 324, in Transatlantic counsel and it says I must be 18

Do they have Adult apps turned on?

That’s a good question. I will ask my leadership tomorrow.

This error message usually means that your date of birth is missing under the BSA member number at my.scouting.

Yeah there might be a time sync we do not know about for DOB

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