Program leadership not showing in youth profile on internet advancement

This is a situation with several scouts in my unit. When you click on their profile IA does not show leadership dates/service time. Those Scouts that are missing this on their IA profile have have current and past leadership positions on Scoutbook, but data is not is not showing on their IA profile.

@MarkCorbett - is there blue text to the right of current positions that says SHOW ?


@MarkCorbett Could you post the BSA member numbers of some of the Scouts with this issue?

In some cases the “Program Leadership” text is there, but there is not a Hide or Show option.

Scout BSA # 130922161

In other cases the “Program Leadership” text is missing completely along with missing Hide or show option

Scout BSA # 132145702

@MarkCorbett In Scoutbook, could you look to see if the default position has been selected for the Scouts? On the Scout’s Leadership page, you should see an icon that looks like a person.

The default p[position is selected for both. I hit the “update” on the Scout leadership page and it fixed the account for BSA # 130922161. Al least two accounts BSA #129467118 and BSA #132145702 still do not show the Program Leadership text or the Hide/Show option. Both have their position selected as default. One has a photo icon and the other has a standard “scout” person thing depiction. (assume that is what you meant?)

These Scouts have the same issue: No Program Leadership shown. Each has the correct position selected as the default. some have a pcitire icon, others do not. In each case I went to each scout and updated each position. Nothing worked.

130922160, 129467118. 128300187, 13214570

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