Scout Leadership Position not displayed in Scoutbook, position indicates membership ended

As my son is working to finish his eagle, we noticed a leadership position was not displaying under the calculated time.
One of our leaders were performing some updates and we have seen issues with a Scout’s leadership reporting within Scoutbook and we were wondering what we could do to fix.

BSA ID: 126742335
UserID: 653678
This is in regards to webmaster leadership position which was from 5/24/2021 to 11/22/2021
We tried removing the original entry as it was not showing against his leadership as valid with a note indicating his membership had been removed. ( |Membership Ended by XXXX BSA# 126320133.|)

When we try to re-add his position (as it shows removed in Leadership) it now states it already exists.

We have noticed this scout has several memberships, which we only assume is due to patrol reassignment; but he has been an active scout.


I do not see any ended Webmaster position for your son. The only Webmaster I see started 5/23/22 and is still active. Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

I have attacked a screenshot of the message (screenshot 53), this is when we try to re-add the position in his leadership.

As you have indicated, it does not display as an entry already existing in his leadership page.

On his membership page (screenshot 55), you can see there are a few start/stops, and one of them (screenshot 54) have a similar message; where it indicates membership had ended.

I don’t know if any of this is causing an issue with his account.


What is happening is the Scout has a Webmaster position that started 5/23/22 and has not ended. Scoutbook does not look to see if the dates overlap, it just says because there is a current Webmaster position you can’t add another one.

Add an end date to the current Webmaster position (on the Leadership page) then add the past Webmaster position then remove the end date from the current Webmaster position.

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