Pulling a Leader Back from District to Troop

Hi again everyone,

We have a District Commissioner at Large who has left District to come back to serve on the Troop 543 Committee. I have added him in Scoutbook and assigned him as a Committee Member but he does not show on the “Trained Leader Report” in my.scouting.org. He will need to be on the Charter so how do I add him? his ID is 8501123. Thanks… again… as always…

@WilliamMount - talk to your council but most likely an adult application will be needed and approved by the charter organization.

They won’t show up on the training report until that individual is registered with your unit. That could happen via an application outside of recharter or within recharter. Although, the latter will require your recharter to fully post and adding new leaders slows it down because manual intervention is needed to process it.

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That is what they are saying but it doesn’t seem right? He’s been registered as an adult leader for 40 plus years! Ok though, thank you!

@WilliamMount - the issue is that the adult is NOT registered with your unit. Being registered with district or council does not count for the unit

If your unit accepts online adult applications, he might be able to initiate a Transfer or Multiple of his registration by going to your unit on beascout.org. But, your council registrar will know the best approach.

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