Invite a new Member

I invited a new Adult member to join our Troop. I was hoping to list them as a Committee Member and save us some money since they are already registered with another unit. The email that goes to them contains a link that attaches to a Youth Application. What am I missing.

If your Unit & Council accept Online Applications, they can find your unit on, and select the “APPLY NOW”, they can apply as an Adult. Be sure they login to using their existing credentials, and do NOT make a new account.

Never seen it lead to one or the other - User has to choose? I keep the QR Code where we meet so it is always there

Are you trying to add them as part of Recharter?

Yes… i need to add a Committee member to my charter.

if you have extra Den Leaders or ASMs just change one to a committee member and be done

Im a troop, so no Den leaders. I have the prerequisites 5 adults… apparently, i have to have 2 Committee members and your CC cant be listed as one if them (like we used to do). I can leave an adult on the recharter that i am dropping… but that means paying registration fees…that i don’t have.

Your Chartered Org. Rep. can multiple in your troop as Committee Chair or as a Committee Member.

how do you do that… the Online Recharter only allows each member to have a Primary leadership position.